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  • We are the First Exclusive Job Portal for Sales & Marketing in India.
  • Each CV on Saleswala.Com is personally checked by one of our Recruitment Executives and approved.
  • For the first time in India, we are bringing together all the Sales & Marketing professionals in India under one common roof for one single reason: To make their lives better.
  • Our Job search and Candidate search technology is one of the world’s best and is extremely user friendly.
  • Our online services are very affordable and are priced at only 10% of the other generic Job portals.
  • We believe in Fair Trade and possess and practice very high levels of ethics and transparency in our business.
  • We have a strong and established Recruitment Consultancy backing us with redundancy at every level.
  • You can find every possible solution to Sales recruitment on Saleswala.Com.
Our Strengths Your Advantages
Well educated and trained: Impeccable and accurate understanding of your critical requirements.
Young and Energetic: Least TAT, Quick Help, Always-at-Hand, Organized and Analytical.
Young Management: Highly Ethical, Transparent, Quick Decisions, Flexible, Challenge Driven, Pragmatic in Approach.
Target Oriented: High Quality, Well Focused and Result Oriented.
Process Driven: We are thorough and focused about What, When, Why & How to do things. Every aspect of the RLC is recorded for future reference, analysis & improvement.
Quality Conscious: “1 out of 4 CVs is an Offer”. That’s 25% conversion from CV to Offer. Our QC Dept’s Guarantee.

We are Addictive, we agree. It’s because Perfection is not contagious, unfortunately.

Is Attrition bothering you? Is it making you go insane?
…….. Sorry, I was just asking?

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